Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2019 v16.1. It includes the announced new features for IntelliCode, CMake, Clang and WSL. Also included: The first preview for Visual Studio 2019 Version 16.2.

Visual Studio 2019 Version 16.1 has been released. And not only that: In the associated blog entry on the Visual Studio blog was informed that Preview 1 for v16.2 was published at the same time. V16.1 includes IntelliCode, which has been previewing some of the supported programming languages ​​since Microsoft build 2019. Also the development under Windows subsystem for Linux was considered.

Visual Studio 2019 – IntelliCode for C # and XAML

Installation of the Visual Studio IntelliCode extension with IntelliSense AI-assisted autocompletion is standard in version 16.1 when installing a workload that supports C #, C ++, TypeScript / JavaScript, or XAML. Under C # and XAML, IntelliCode is activated by default. For the other languages, the function is still available as a preview and must be activated in the settings.

Visual Studio version 16.1 also brings CMake version 3.14, including Clang / LLVM support for CMake projects. Other new features include the native use of C ++ on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). A number of preview features for C ++ 20 are also in v16.1.

Further details on all new features can be found in the release notes .

Preview for version 16.2

The first preview for the next Minor version is already ready: Visual Studio Version 16.2 Preview 1 comes with some new features, including the transfer of the PowerShell interface to the Developer PowerShell.

A revised UI in the Test Explorer in v16.2 Preview 1 is intended to improve handling of large amounts of data, filtering and other functions. Microsoft has released a screenshot of the new UI:

version 16.2

Everything else about the new UI and the other new features in Visual Studio 2019 16.2 Preview 1 is available in the Release Notes .

A blog entry informs about the features in both new releases .


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