Visual Studio 2019 16.1 Preview 3: IntelliCode exits the preview mode

The third preview for Visual Studio 2019 Version 16.1 includes some new features: IntelliCode for C # and XAML is no longer a preview, WSL can be used natively with C ++, and IntelliSense is being expanded.

Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2019 16.1 Preview 3. This is accompanied by the innovation that IntelliCode leaves the preview mode, but initially only for two programming languages. There is a new feature for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and some bugs have been fixed again.

Visual Studio IntelliCode

Visual Studio IntelliCode is a set of AI-based capabilities designed to simplify development. Now the function has left the preview mode and brings support for C # and XAML. The default disabled support for C ++ and TypeScript / JavaScript can be enabled manually, but is still in preview mode.

In the latest blog entry for IntelliCode , Microsoft also introduces several other preview features, including Repeated Edit Detection. The IntelliCode feature is designed to automatically detect repeated changes and offer suggestions in the code.

Other new features in16.1 Preview 3

The third preview of Visual Studio 2019 16.1 allows native use of Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) with C ++ without additional configuration or SSH connections. Also, the open source programming tool AddressSanitizer for WSL and Linux projects will be integrated directly into Visual Studio 2019.

Other features include an experimental IntelliSense autocomplete for non-imported types in C #. Also in the latest preview some bug fixes for VS 2019 16.1 are included again. Among other things, the bug has been resolved that IntelliSense could not be used in projects that were created under WSL.

Learn more about Visual Studio 2019 16.1 Preview 3 is available on the Visual Studio blog . All changes can be viewed in the release notes .

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