Purify: Library for functional programming in TypeScript

The Purify library was developed for functional programming in TypeScript. It should make it possible to use frequently used patterns from functional programming languages ​​in TypeScript. Purify is currently in version 0.14.

Purify was designed with the aim of enabling functional programming in TypeScript. For this purpose, it provides tools that should make reading and editing code easier. In addition, helpful patterns and abstractions from functional programming languages ​​should be able to be used in TypeScript.

The library was written in TypeScript itself and offers functions for working safely with native objects such as arrays. The library can be integrated into any TypeScript project. The developers forego extended type functions in favor of simple type definitions. Instead of porting another language via a standard library, the developers decided on a Curated API.

Purify can be used for both the frontend and the backend. The library is currently in version 0.14. While the developers expect to be able to announce the first major release in the near future, bindings to larger libraries such as React or Angular are not planned. Also provides a collection of algebraic data structures that will help you tackle common problems that increase code complexity, such as conditional logic and error handling

All information about Purify can be found on the official website and on GitHub .

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