This is how you learn CSS3 grid in a playful way

Playing on the computer, while saving a small garden and at the same time acquire new knowledge about the CSS3 grid module … that sounds like a good plan.

The grid layout module of CSS3 is a relatively new and very important layout technique that will greatly simplify many things in the web design field. In addition, this technology opens up some new and interesting possibilities.

CSS3 grid is simpler and more powerful

Thanks to the grid module you no longer have to struggle and think around the corner, as it was in the days of float-based layouts. Compared to the Flexbox concept, the grids have the clear advantage that they can not only be linear, but two-dimensional. With the CSS3 Grid module you can specifically address both the columns and the rows. Thus, finally correct and very sophisticated design grid based on CSS are possible.

However, as the CSS3 grids can quickly become challenging, you should not underestimate the technology and solidify your knowledge as a beginner whenever the opportunity arises.

Playing to the learning success

css grid garden

Some people learn much easier when a playful concept is used. If you are looking for something like this for CSS3 Grids, you will find it at CSS Grid Garden . There you can acquire new grid knowledge or consolidate existing ones in 28 playful lessons.

More playful CSS lessons

However, Grid Garden is not the only offering of its kind. If you’re looking for playful lessons on Flexbox , you ‘ll find it on Flexbox Froggy and on Flexbox Defense .

If you want to refresh your knowledge about the CSS selectors in a playful way, you can try CSS Dinner.

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