Learn to code in javascript or python by gaming

There are lot’s of ways to learn code. Tutorials, e-books, video and other similar ways. But what about Learn to code by gaming. After searching the web we found a very nice and interesting platform.

Code Combat – Learn to code by gaming

Many people, especially young children like playing games. Computers and gaming consoles are very famous nowadays. There also children that interest in code. Many schools teaching Computer Science or Programming. They use many methods. Code Combat gives you the oportunity to learn Python or JavaScript and some basic about HTML & CSS by playing games. Using methods, classes and other programming technics.

  • Real, typed code from the first level
  • Educator resources and course guides
  • Accessible to everyone

As for those who want to participate by supporting this project, you can visit this link (community) and get involved with the way you want.

Learn to code by gaming


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