Angular 9 final release released

Angular 9 final is here! The new version was released a little late. Ivy is of course one of the new features, but that’s not all.

Angular 9 final release is here

Angular has finally appeared. The final release was released a few months late and finally brings the long-announced new compiler Ivy with it, making some changes to the framework. We have reported on the way to Angular 9 and Ivy in the past few months. Now that the new version has finally been released.

The way to Angular 9

Angular 8 was born politely late in June. But after the release is before the release and already in the fall of this year Angular 9 should actually be on the plan, more precisely: it should be ready in October or November. At the beginning of the year, it looked ambitious that the new Ivy Compiler should urgently be part of the release. Now it is clear: Angular 9 is delayed more drastically than initially thought.

Angular is late

The thirteenth release candidate was released last week with Angular 9.0.0-rc.12. Already before Christmas, Jules Kremer , Google Engineering Manager, announced yesterday via Twitter that the final release of Angular 9 would be postponed to this year. This should not only ensure that the release is flawless, but also that those responsible in 2020 have strength for the Angular 10 anniversary release.

As it turned out, the release in January was also missed and so there is hope that Angular 9 will finally appear in February. In the meantime, Manfred Steyer’s fantastic session from the International JavaScript Conference on “The Future of Angular and your Architectures with Ivy” can be dealt with over the holidays:

To read more about all previous release candidates of Angular you can visit our Angular category or see the full changelog in github

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