2019 Web Design Trends

We know that the Internet is the biggest communication tool today. Web sites provide great opportunities for companies to reach their target audience more easily. In 2018, we saw different, original, productive designs, but with the preparations for 2019, it is obvious that European web design trends will develop in the new year.

Any innovation connected with technology is definitely a day out. Inefficient web design trends need to be renewed as soon as possible. New trends are considered an opportunity to get rid of out-of-date habits. In today’s article, you will find out what you should do during the design to increase the conversion rates of your European website.

Better use typography!

Different functions such as font size, font size and line length of the websites are expected to be as follows in 2019.

  • Very transparent
  • Randomly placed articles
  • Thick headers at a certain level
  • Titles with unspecified spaces
  • Headlines for imagination

Designing custom buttons and target buttons!

The main purpose of private web design is not confusing the target audience. However, it is necessary to reduce the number of options by limiting the movements of the consumer. It was revealed that the recycling rate was reduced by 10 times when too many menus were presented to the consumer.

  • To highlight the buttons that need to come forward
  • Use different shades of the same color instead of different colors

Geometrical shapes!

The trend of frequent use of geometric shapes in web designs began in 2016. In 2017, the use of this pattern gained popularity in 2018. It seems to be peaking in 2019.

  • You can get perfect design by using patterns
  • Geometric patterns can make it flexible and functional.
  • Geometric shapes add vividness and attractive style to your website designs.

Using animation!

Using animation in your designs is not a new idea. Although it has a high utilization rate in 2018, this trend will be used more in 2019.

  • Everything that is moving attracts more attention from consumers. Therefore, web sites are frequently used in animation.
  • Animated graphics are more attractive and elegant. It attracts the consumer’s attention.

More videos!

Full-screen video fashions will also be effective in 2019 if the full-screen visual fashions we use on websites are effective. Especially with the development of web browsers, the fast loading of videos enables more videos to be uploaded to websites.

  • A video ad or presentation is more effective than the best visuals.
  • The most effective means of communication that stimulate and stimulate the consumer are videos on your website specific to your brand.

Mobile feature, fast mobile sites!

As of 2013, it has been revealed that mobile internet users have gone ahead of desktop internet users. Especially for the technological development of smart phones and the increase of mobile internet speed, mobile feature is very important for brands.

  • Google’s mobile-first indexing compels mobile-friendly designs.
  • Google’s search rankings are said to use only mobile versions. Even now, mobile applications are at the top of the rankings.

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