Release of Ionic 4: Open to Frameworks thanks to Web Components

With the newly released version 4.0.0 Ionic was switched to Web Components. Ionic now opens for use with frameworks other than Angular, such as Vue.js or React.

Ionic 4 has been released and has some changes. With the new version, the Ionic Framework is delivered as a set of Web Components. Ionic becomes framework-agnostic and can therefore be used independently of the chosen framework. This eliminates the previous restriction on use with Angular.

Ionic components are now Web Components and use the Custom Elements API and the Shadow DOM API. In the course of this opening for frameworks, Ionic will support the official tools of the respective frameworks used for building, bundling and routing. To use the routing systems of frameworks, Ionic will continue to have to deliver specific functionality for frameworks. For React and Vue.js bindings are currently in the alpha phase of development. The use of these frameworks with Ionic is to be simplified according to Ionic CEO Max Lynch in the future.

Native CSS Custom Properties in Ionic 4

Another innovation in Ionic 4 is the use of native CSS custom properties in each component. Thus, according to Lynch, a “public theming API” for developers is provided. Customizations of components are now made. This method of customization is independent of the framework used for the frontend.

To assist with the transition to Ionic 4, a migration guide was published. For more information on the release of Ionic 4, see the post by Max Lynch on the Ionic blog.

The Best Ionic

Not only is Ionic 4 the most accessible and future-proof version of Ionic has ever built, but it’s also the fastest and most complete.

Every one of the nearly 100 Ionic components has been evaluated for performance, theme customizability, and platform look and feel. This includes a complete iOS and Material Design refresh for each component to match the latest standards on iOS and Android.


The new version is faster than other versions with more extensions and best funcionality. For those who want to migrate from older versions to the new one, there is the migration service where they can help you convert your app to the new one.

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