On the way to Angular 8: The 2nd beta is here

Three features, two bugfixes and a withdrawn change: With 8.0.0-beta.1 the second beta for Angular 8 is available for download. The release cycle of Angular provides for a new major release every six months. That works better, but sometimes not so good. At Angular 7 the release came on time in October. Thus, Angular 8 would have to follow in April or May 2019. Until then, it continues first with minor releases of Angular 7 and then the beta versions of Angular 8.

Angular 8: The beta releases

Angular 8.0.0-beta.1

Update from January 23, 2019

Angular 8.0.0-beta.1 is here. This is already the second beta for Angular 8 appeared. Again, we worked on the experimental feature Bazel, which now supports SASS. In addition to this new feature, Bazel also fixed a bug that caused problems with large modules. The memory ng_module for Node.js for which the ng_module ruler has been increased, so that it should no longer come out-of-memory messages here.

The second beta version of Angular also comes with two more new features. One of them concerns the compiler. There, input SASS / LESS files are now automatically converted to .css, since the compile-time and design-time reference must be the same. Of course, this also applies to the already mentioned new feature for Bazel. In the Forms area, markAllAsTouched() added to AbstractControl .

The changes to Angular 8.0.0-beta.1 also include a withdrawn change to Angular. Build processes in Docker should use an image-based cache in Windows BuildKite. However, this resulted in crashes and error messages, so the change was withdrawn. The issue has been redirected to Docker developers.

More information about Angular 8.0.0-beta.1 can be found in the changelog on GitHub.

Angular 8.0.0-beta.0

Update from January 17, 2019

Work on Angular has started, the first result can be tested. With Angular 8.0.0-beta.0 the first beta version of the framework is available, which is mainly focused on Bazel. Twelve out of 13 bugfixes in the release make changes to Bazel, which is itself marked as an experimental feature. These include, for example, the entry of /bazel-out in .gitignore and the entry of the dependency ibazel for Bazel projects.

The new feature in the first beta of Angular 8 is Angular Forms:
forms: export NumberValueAccessor & RangeValueAccessor directives (#27743) (ac15717)

To improve the performance, ServerRendererFactory2 worked on the behavior of ServerRendererFactory2 . Previously, a new instance of DomElementSchemaRegistry was created for each request. Now a shared instance is used instead.

More information about Angular 8.0.0-beta.0 can be found in the changelog on GitHub.

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