On the way to Angular 8: Angular 7.2 released

Angular 7.1 is here, Ivy not, and yet it continues with Angular 7.2: The new Minor version is here! The release cycle of Angular provides for a new major release every six months. That works better, but sometimes not so good. At Angular 7 the release came on time in October. Thus, Angular 8 would have to follow in April or May 2019. Until then, it continues first with minor releases of Angular 7 and then the beta versions of Angular 8.

Angular 7.x: The minor releases

Angular 7.2.0 released

After just one release candidate, Angular 7.2 final is ready for download. The new Minor version of Angular 7 comes with four bugfixes, two of which involve nesting the component. This is about the behavior of ngUpgradeLite in the context of downgradeModule() . Components are now properly processed after downgrading, and Angular 7.2 also allows components from different downgraded modules to be nested. The current release also fixes a bug in Bazel that affects the use of Protractor on Windows with the Protractor Rule. It is now possible again to start protractor tests. The last bugfix concerns a now resolved API mismatch of getError and hasError in the Forms area.

More information about the release can be found in the changelog on GitHub.

Angular 7.2.0-rc.0

The betas are through, the release candidates follow. Angular 7.2.0-rc.0 is the first on the way to the final 7.2 version. 12 bug fixes have been completed, 2 new features have been added.

Outstanding is the support for TypeScript 3.2. Thus, for example, the stricter type checks for bind , call and apply are also available in Angular. Also new is a Predicate Function Mode for runGuardsAndResolvers . In this mode, guards and resolvers ignore changes when a predicate function returns false . This makes use cases possible, in which an application must ignore certain parameter updates, but others do not.

With the entry into the RC phase, the 7.2 version is in the immediate vicinity. How many release candidates we will be complaining about until then, is not yet in sight.

Angular 7.2.0-beta.2

Not even a week, the Angular developers needed for the next beta release. However, only four fixes have been implemented. Three of them concern the Bazel component. So the upgrade to the new ts_library had revealed bugs in schematics / bazel-workspace files. These are now fixed. Also introduced was a new way to check if the npm version of @ angular / bazel is the same as Bazel’s installed in the Angular Repository.

Overall, the following fixes can be found in Angular 7.2 Beta 2:

  • bazel: fix TS errors in the schematics / bazel-workspace files ( # 27600 ) ( 3290fc3 )
  • bazel: Read latest versions from latest-version.ts & use semver check ( # 27526 ) ( 30a3b49 )
  • bazel: tsickle dependency not working with typescript 3.1.x ( # 27402 ) ( f034114 )
  • forms: typed argument for FormBuilder group ( # 26985 ) ( b0c7561 )

Angular 7.2.0-beta.1

After the small first beta for Angular 7.2, the second is even bigger: With numerous bug fixes, some features and even a breaking change, the latest beta release of Angular is available for download. The theme of the new version is obvious: it’s about Bazel. Bazel is a build and test tool developed independently of Angular. The Angular team has been working on integrating the tool into Angular for a while, making it easy for Angular users to access. The Angular team with the release has now taken an important step in this direction: The official Angular Schmeatics for Bazel has been implemented, with which Bazel can be added to a project via the ng-new command in the CLI.

The Breaking Change that came with the second beta of Angular 7.2 also affects Bazel: In the future, transitive dependencies of build_bazel_rules_nodejs and build_bazel_rules_typescript will no longer be automatically installed via rules_angular_dependencies() . Instead, they must be manually installed from the workspace file:

Angular 7.2

In addition to the innovations for Bazel, the release also brings five new features for the router. For the navigation now the type history.state can be used, also the state now be forwarded to routerLink Directives and NavigationExtras . For runGuardsAndResolvers , a pathParamsOrQueryParamsChange mode is now available. The last new feature again refers to the navigation and concerns the call of objects when navigating back. For more information about the release, see the Changelog on GitHub as usual.

Angular 7.2.0-beta.0

The first beta version of Angular 7.2 has two bug fixes . For network errors, the request URL is now output. There was also an innovation related to Ivy: The dependence of the resolution of forward references from the runtime was resolved.

And what about the Ivy Renderer itself? Not much has changed since the release of Angular 7.1. The ten remaining open features that still had to be edited for Angular 7.1 are still incomplete.

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