On the way to Angular 8: Beta 14 is here

With Beta 14, Angular 8 has received three new features as well as seven bugfixes. In addition, the Angular team has introduced a new CLI API that achieves stable status with v8.

The release cycle of Angular provides for a new major release every six months. That works better, but sometimes not so good. At Angular 7 the release came on time in October. Thus, Angular 8 would have to follow in April or May 2019. Until then, it continues first with minor releases of Angular 7 and then the beta versions of Angular 8.

Angular 8: Beta 14

In Angular 8.0.0-beta.14, the upcoming major version has again gotten three features, this time belonging to the compiler CLI and core. The core is a new schematics that takes over the deprecated DOCUMENT import. In the next step, the corresponding DOCUMENT token can be removed from the Platform Browser final area, as can be seen in the pull request . In the area of ​​the compiler CLI, an export for Tooling Definitions is now available. In addition, in the same area at the Lowering for exported expressions worked.

Among the seven bug fixes there are two more for Bazel. Thus, the typechecking for Core Schematics Files was deactivated and the behavior of ng build –prod to the default status of ng build . More information about Angular 8.0.0-beta.14 can be found in the changelog on GitHub. In addition, the transition to the RC phase was announced for April. Already in May should follow the final release, as had been announced in February .

The Angular blog also provides detailed information about the revamped Angular CLI Architect API, which will be included with Angular 8 as a robust, official feature in the framework . The Architect API itself is not new; so far, however, it was not an official part of Angular. In its new form, the API works with so-called builders, which can be used to schedule and execute tasks.

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