Angular 8 Ivy: Schedule of the release presented

The Angular team gives an insight into the schedule for the release of Angular 8 Ivy. A preview version should be available in Angular 8.

There is news about the release of Ivy. Initially, an opt-in preview for the new rendering engine in Angular 8 is planned. A complete release of Ivy will follow in Angular 9. Stephen Fluin (Developer Advicate for Angular, Google) outlines the schedule for publishing Ivy in a blog post .

Fluin writes that an opt-in preview should be included for the new renderer in Angular 8.0. Thus, in Angular 8, it will be possible to work with either the View Engine or Ivy. The release of Angular 8 planned for May 2019 is expected to be preceded by a release candidate in April 2019. Google’s Angular team is hoping for a full rollout of Ivy as part of Angular 9, which is intended to be enabled by default in this version of the framework, scheduled for fall 2019. At this time, Ivy should be sufficiently backwards compatible, the Angular team wants to get along without opt-out.

Ivy preview and more changes in Angular 8

In his remarks Fluin emphasizes that Ivy in the preview version with Angular 8 will not be ready for all use cases yet. As an example, he calls i18n and Angular Universal, but also the language service will not be available for the Ivy preview in Angular 8. Users of this Ivy preview should get better readable generated code, improved template type checking and shorter re-build times.

In addition to this schedule for the release of Ivy, Fluin’s blog post also mentions a few more new features in Angular 8. For example, as of Angular 8, the CLI will generate separate bundles with legacy code (ES5) and modern JavaScript code (as of ECMAScript 2015) during the build process. These bundles should then be loaded separately on the client side, thus improving loading times, among other things. Another novelty in Angular 8 concerning the CLI is support for web worker bundling. This feature describes Fluin as commonly requested by developers.

For an overview of all news about Angular 8 read our updated thread.

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