Angular 8 beta: What’s new in the compiler in the 5th beta version

Angular 8.0.0-beta.4 is here. With this fifth beta for Angular 8 are some new features and numerous bug fixes ready for testing.

The release cycle of Angular provides for a new major release every six months. That works better, but sometimes not so good. At Angular 7 the release came on time in October. Thus, Angular 8 would have to follow in April or May 2019. Until then, it continues first with minor releases of Angular 7 and then the beta versions of Angular 8.

Angular 8: The beta releases

Angular 8.0.0-beta.4

(Update from 18 February 2019)

The fifth beta for Angular 8 is here. With the release designated as version 8.0.0-beta.4 some features have been implemented in Angular 8 again and numerous bugfixes have been made. Among the bugfixes is a fixed issue with the installation of Angular in the Bazel workspace. The installation previously failed due to a bug raised by querying the version number. The current bug fix is ​​a temporary solution that will be dropped when querying the version number is no longer necessary. Bazel itself is still marked as an experimental feature.

One of the new features in Angular (beta 4) is that a complete logfile of performance data can now be created in Chrome for benchpress testing. The data is stored in a JSON file, giving developers a more accurate picture of resource usage in Chrome during the test execution. Also new is that the dts bundler in Bazel is now available as action in ng_module . The other three new features can be found in the compiler and compiler CLI. The Angular compiler now supports the tokenizing of escaped strings and sub-sections of input strings. Symbols are no longer automatically re-exported in the compiler CLI. The feature is still available as an option.

For more information about the new features and other bugfixes in the release, see the Changelog on GitHub as usual.

In the week before last, Stephen Fluin also introduced the further plans of the Ivy Angular team. In recent beta releases of Angular 8, Ivy was not represented in the features mentioned in the changelog; but having finished the new renderer does not seem to be synonymous. To Angular 8 is planned, so Fluin announced to implement Ivy as a preview. With a release candidate in April is to be rake. Further information on the now announced timeline for the release of Ivy you can find here.

Beta 3 released

(Update from 6th February 2019)

Angular 8.0.0-beta.3 has been released. The latest beta for Angular 8 has again been modified to improve Angular performance. This time we worked on the file size of PNG files. Using pngcrush, all PNG files were compressed. In addition to this little innovation, five bugfixes have been implemented. This again concerns the area that was already in focus in the previous releases: Two of the bugfixes are part of the experimental feature Bazel. The Bazel Builder can now require.resolve() and has fixed an issue with Bazel-Schematics integration testing. Two other bug fixes concern the Compiler CLI section, where synthetic file paths are now created from the input file path. In addition, the compiler option newLine considered in the context of diagnostics. The last bugfix is ​​in the core. There, createInjector() removed from the Public API.

For more details about beta releases of Angular 8 see our previous posts.

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