Microsoft Web Template Studio: Full-Stack Web Development with VS Code

Microsoft has introduced the Visual Studio code extension Web Template Studio (WebTS). The open source extension is designed to create cloud-based web apps and is available as a very early nightly build.

A new extension for VS Code is in the starting blocks: Microsoft Web Template Studio (WebTS) is ready for download as a very early nightly build. The goal of WebTS is cloud-based full-stack web development using Azure services. WebTS is released as a Nightly Build at a very early stage for feedback from the developer community.

What is Web Template Studio?

The new extension Web Template Studio should serve the purpose of creating cloud-based web apps easier. The most common UI pages are offered as App Page Templates and can be added through the included wizard. A provides a detailed overview of using WebTS.

So far, WebTS supports React.js as the frontend and Node.js as the backend framework. As an experimental version Angular can be used, Vue support should follow soon. Currently supported Azure cloud services include Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions.

To use the extension, Node and Yarn must be installed in addition to Visual Studio Code. Web Template Studio is open source and cross-platform usable.

Windows template studio as a model

WebTS comes from a developer team of Microsoft Garage Internship, an internship program for talented students, and was developed in collaboration with other Microsoft teams and the community. The sister project Windows Template Studio aimed at UWP apps formed the basis for this. In the meantime WebTS will be continued by new participants of Microsoft Garage Internship.

All other information about WebTS can be found in the GitHub repository and on the Windows blog .

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