Laravel 6.0 is here: Support for Serverless Platform Laravel Vapor

A new update is available for the framework Laravel. Laravel 6.0 is compatible with Laravel Vapor, a serverless deployment platform. The development team has introduced semantic versioning for the LTS version. We are looking forward to further innovations.

The PHP framework Laravel has been released in version 6.0. The LTS release is based on semantic versioning and is now compatible with Laravel Vapor.

Laravel 6.0 compatible with Laravel Vapor

Version 6.0 of the Laravel framework comes with support for Laravel Vapor. It is an automatically scaling Serverless Deployment Platform based on AWS. This platform promises auto-scaling on demand, without server maintenance . The goal is to create, manage, scale and restore databases directly and quickly from the Vador Dashboard. The product is not free though. For an unlimited number of teams, users, projects and implementations, $ 39 per month and $ 399 per year are to be paid. Incumable AWS cloud costs are not included in the price.

Semantic versioning and other features

The new update adheres to the semantic versioning . This means that the new major version carries the number 6.0.0 because it contains significant changes to the program. Adding new features to this release is a minor version. The second number (6. X .0) is then adjusted. The third number (6.0.x) changes when a pure patch release appears. In this case, bugfixes are made. In this respect, the three-part release number according to the semantic versioning stands for the following format: Mayor.Minor.Patsch.

In addition to semantic versioning, Laravel 6.0 includes a revision of the authorization responses. These were implemented by Gary Green,,. Previously, getting custom error messages to authorize end users was difficult. Laravel 6.0 introduces a new Gate::inspect method that provides a response to authorization Gate::inspect . The following example serves as an illustration:

$response = Gate::inspect(‘view’, $flight);

if ($response->allowed()) {
// User is authorized to view the flight…

if ($response->denied()) {
echo $response->message();

More information about the mentioned and other features can be found in the release notes .
Overview of support policies

Laravel 6.0 is a long-time support release. This means that the update will receive bug fixes for two years and security fixes for three years. General releases receive bug fixes for 6 months and security updates for one year.

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