Laravel Horizon 3.0 is here: Night Mode for the Laravel UI

The user interface for Laravel Horizon has been released in version 3.0 and brings new features. Included is the Night Mode and a new order on the Dashboard.

The Laravel PHP framework has released the Laravel Horizon dashboard in version 3.0. The highlights of the new version include the Night Mode and a revision of the dashboard.

Laravel Horizon 3.0: Night Mode and more features

The biggest change is probably the new Night Mode for the Dashboard. In addition, version 3.0 brings a revision of the details view for the “Recent Job” and “Failed Job” list.
Another feature of the current release is that the Horizon Artisan Command now –environment –environment flags from the console: php artisan horizon –environment==worker .

Laravel Horizon 3

It is also interesting that in the new version the support for Laravel 5.5 and Laravel 5.6 has been removed.

What is Horizon?

Laravel Horizon is an open source dashboard and code-driven configuration for Laravel-based Redis queues. It offers the user control over important key figures (job throughput, runtime, job failures) for the own queue system at a glance.

Information about the installation and further information about the UI Horizon can be found in the documentation as well as in the release note .

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