Ionic React: The first beta is here

The first beta version of Ionic React is here. The Ionic framework should now receive an official integration for React. The beta already gives an overview of the features of the new package.

Ionic has released the first beta of Ionic React. For a long time Ionic was exclusively compatible with Angular, but with the conversion to Web Components in version 4.0.0 the tool became framework-agnostic (we reported). The new package is intended to drive the integration of React into the hybrid cross-platform app framework.

After the presentation of Josh Thomas (developer at Ionic) in the blog post for the presentation of this beta, it is considered not yet suitable for production. Currently Ionic React contains about 70 components for the UI. Thus, from the perspective of the Ionic team, the majority of use cases should be covered in the development of an app. As part of this blog post buttons, cards and modals are presented as examples including short code examples.

Working with Ionic React

To create an Ionic React project, create-react-app and the corresponding npm packages can be used. The new framework ships with TypeScript type definitions. For this reason, the Ionic team recommends using TypeScript to work with it. The package, now released as beta, supports dynamic routing via the react router. If you want to use this, you have to install it as dependency.

Feedback on the beta is received by the team via GitHub , but React must appear as a keyword in the issue text. Further information on the Ionic React Beta can be found in the corresponding blog post.

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