Vue.js meets bootstrap: New project Vootstrap presented

Vootstrap should combine the JavaScript framework Vue.js with the front-end CSS library Bootstrap. The project is still brand new and currently only supports one component.

What happens when you connect Vue.js and Bootstrap? The result is called Vootstrap. The new tool should be a collection of Vue.js components and build on bootstrap. Vootstrap is intended to enable the frontend programming of websites and hybrid mobile apps. So far, only the component “Button” is supported, but more will follow soon.

Vootstrap : The most important bootstrap features

The most important feature is supposed to be the syntax: According to the description it is flexible, easy to learn for beginners and also helpful for experienced developers. A demo app is available to illustrate the basic principles.

Another central feature is that tag name components can be exchanged. Each Vootstrap component should be an HTML tag that can be inserted into the layout, so no CSS classes need to be used. Instead, style information can be included in the tags. Accordingly, all of the following entries for Button should be correct:

< vt-button-primary-outline-large title=”My button” > < /vt-button-primary-outline-large >
< vt-button-primary-large-outline title=”My button” > < /vt-button-primary-large-outline >
< vt-button-outline-primary-large title=”My button” > < /vt-button-outline-primary-large >
< vt-button-primary-large title=”My button” > < /vt-button-primary-large >
< vt-button-large-primary title=”My button” > < /vt-button-large-primary >

To use it, Vue.js and Bootstrap are required.

Everything about this new feature can be found in the GitHub repository.

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