V8 7.5: What’s new for WebAssembly in the JavaScript engine

Before each Chrome release comes the appropriate version of the JavaScript engine. So it is with Chrome 75: V8 7.5 is now available in the beta channel until the appropriate browser version is there. Among the new releases is the caching of already compiled WebAssembly artifacts.

At intervals of about six weeks, new versions of V8 will be released. Now version 7.5 is here: The latest release is currently in beta status until the corresponding Chrome version 75 is released and the engine is finally implemented. New in V8 7.5 is that compiled WebAssembly artifacts are now cached. As a result, the code does not have to be recompiled when a user visits a page for the second time, but can be loaded from the cache in a similar way to JavaScript code.

Also available for WebAssembly is the option memory.copy . This makes it possible to update large memory areas at once by copying the area. The same option also exists for tables.

For the core area of ​​the engine, the JavaScript language support, V8 also brings news: The new version introduced separation characters for numeric symbols with many places in the code, which should increase readability. It also worked on the performance: The network’s traffic is connected directly to the JavaScript engine so that data can be read directly during stream parsing without having to wait for the main thread to be free.

More information about V8 7.5 can be found in the blog post for release . V8 7.5 will be released final with the release of Chrome 75.

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