Towards Angular 8: 5th Release Candidate Available

Continue with Angular 8: With the 5th Release Candidate a feature for Bazel was delivered.

The release cycle of Angular provides for a new major release every six months. That works better, but sometimes not so good. At Angular 7 the release came on time in October. Thus, Angular 8 would have to follow in April or May 2019. Until then, it continues first with minor releases of Angular 7 and then the beta versions of Angular 8.

Angular 8: 5th Release

When is Angular 8 coming? Perhaps the new major version will be released this month – at least in February, the Angular team had promised. This is supported by the fact that the RC phase in Angular usually remains quite short and Relaase Candidate 5 (Angular 8.0.0-rc.4) is already available. The release brings a new feature for Bazel: A container used by the CI has been replaced because a version that was not maintained by the RBE team was implemented so far. This also rbe_autoconfig() support for the rbe_autoconfig() rule, which automatically checks if there are configs for the used toolchain in the @bazel_toolchains repository, or creates them if it does not.

In addition, Angular 8.0.0-rc.4 includes a number of bugfixes. Again, here are some Bazel that will be implemented with Angular 8 as an optional feature. However, most of the bugfixes do not apply to the code, which was mainly used for the static query migration.

Further information on the 5th release candidate of Angular 8 can be found in the changelog on GitHub .

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