Teamviewer 14 Preview: Faster and with AR

Teamviewer 14 Preview may now be tested. Most important innovation: Remote support with augmented reality.

Grandma has problems with her internet router. Teamviewer 14 Preview now also offers a way to solve such problems remotely, without having to fumble their mouths because of the many explanations. Instead, one can show the grandma the solution directly in an AR environment.

Teamviewer 14 Preview and TeamViewer Pilot’s integrated augmented reality remote support make this possible. The new feature allows users to see through camera-remote access through the eyes of others, and to guide them with notes in the AR environment through “complex processes, environments, and operations,” as the developers promise.

This highlighting of objects in the real world can help a person seeking help step by step. The innovation is of course not only intended for the above-mentioned grandma, but also for a professional support service. For example, a technician can hold the smartphone camera on a circuit breaker and the support can then show him on the picture what every single fuse is intended for.

Teamviewer 14 Preview: Improvements and innovations

At Teamviewer 14 Preview itself, the developers promise “significant performance improvements”. A new intelligent compression is intended to increase the speed of the remote maintenance software at low bandwidth. It also uses the latest technologies for hardware acceleration and processing of compute-intensive tasks. The server architecture used by Teamviewer has also been improved, and routing connections are now also supported. Finally, the stability of the remote connectivity was also increased.

Performing recurring tasks can be simplified with remote scripts. The entries in the “Computers & Contacts” list can now contain custom fields. Added to this is an improved Trusted Device Management and a Dark Mode.

Free trial version of Teamviewer 14 Preview: Final version will follow in November

TeamViewer 14 Preview is now available here for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. The final version will follow on the 13th of November. Teamviewer is – as always – basically free for personal use in non-commercial environments. Information on the license fee for business use can be found on this page.


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