Most in-demand IT jobs from last decade

Uber for travel, Netflix for leisure and Google for everything is the ideal routine that we all wish to follow, of course with Instagram as our ‘happy place’. Being able to access the whole world by tapping our thumb gives us a feeling of endless comfort and pleasure. This is the user’s end. Now talking from the career perspective, the beneficiaries and profits of IT sector are growing parallelly. IT is increasingly finding applications in all sectors of the economy and thus it is considered as a key enabler in development. So it should come as no surprise that careers in IT are growing significantly, making it a lucrative industry.

Any organisation, be it private or government are happily adopting technological advancements since the last decade and this trend is pretty certain to increase for now and forever. So finding your career in IT is never a bad choice, rather it is a safe and growing field to get yourself interested in, for we can not see any probability of its downfall in the near future.

If you are one of those tech-savvy people who want to safeguard their career by stepping into something with a large room for future growth, here is a list of top in-demand IT jobs which are witnessed to be growing since past ten years:

List of top in-demand IT jobs

Software Engineering

This is the most common career goal for engineering students because this field has both great scope and high competition. The tasks of a software engineer are multiple including designing and development of computer software by bringing the principles of mathematics and computer sciences into practical application.

With the increasing trend of electrolyzing trade and commerce, even small organizations are trying their best to come up virtually and start their businesses online as well to get an edge over competitors. So this trend is giving an immortal push to the software engineering industry.

Infosys, Wipro, IBM, Tech Mahindra, to name a few are the dream companies who offer handsome packages to the aspirants of Software Engineering. These IT ventures are ever-growing since their foundation and will continue to grow in the long run.

Web Designing

Software designing and web designing should never be confused as the same. The former deals in developing software while the latter deals in the development of websites exclusively. Past decade has witnessed a sharp rise in businesses that use the internet as their media to reach customers.

E-tickets, E-banking, E-shopping, all of them are possible only through efficient websites. If not for selling products, small or local businesses are engaging in constructing their websites for other generic reasons, as to raise their market reputation and make people aware of their services, hence increasing their customer base.

In either of the cases, hiring an expert web designer is a must. Hence if you choose to be into this line, getting customers will never be a worry for you because anyone and everyone is desirous of constructing their own website.

Mobile Application Developer

Followed by websites, mobile applications have added a further milestone of convenience. This path for growth of mobile applications is certainly paved by the introduction and promotion of ‘smart’ phones which are getting even more ‘smarter’ with every passing day. The common users are now choosing to prefer the usage of mobile phones over the usage of computers or laptops.

Thus, mobile application developers are equally in demand as website developers. There is an endless list of applications such as Zomato, Ola, Urban Clap, Flipkart, Amazon, which wouldn’t have been a success without efficient application development.

Software Testing

Though we are talking about information technology, which is probably the most intelligent invention of the human mind, still there is a considerable scope of errors in its development and efficiency.

The term software glitches or server failures are very commonly heard and huge loss may be caused by errors in coding or the presence of any worms or malware. All of these issues can be minimized with effective software testing techniques. So with the increase in the release of new software, the increase to test them to make them smooth and secure is also increasing.

Cybersecurity analyst

With more advancements comes more risks and with increased convenience comes more room for crimes. This is why the job of a security analyst was introduced. The term cyber security is pretty common but it has a whole lot of dimensions that the general users are unaware of.

The tasks of information security analysts or cyber security analysts is to build up security measures to protect both the software of the company and personal information of its users. Their work is to continuously scrutinize the working of an organization’s network to keep a check against the threats or any breach to security. With cyber crimes being rapidly pacing up, need for such exports is sure to grow.

Digital Marketing

We believe that digital marketing has just been introduced with the rising fame of social media, but it was actually present since the beginning of the decade. We are just witnessing its new branches recently in the form of Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing or email marketing.

This sector involves a lot of innovation. In the urge of being different from the competitors, organizations keep evolving their digital marketing techniques with a blink of an eye. Large corporations or MNCs incur huge expenses in the name of digital marketing or things like SEO. So analyzing these trends, digital marketing can be seen as an interesting and growing career choice.

Summing it up

The technology has created a parallel universe in true sense. It is believed that the world on the internet never sleeps. This statement is true in the context of two facts, one of them being 24×7 access and others being speedy and regular updations. With so much productive happenings in this sector, it is surely secure to invest your efforts into IT for a bright career.

Author’s Name – Kuldeep Rana

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He is the founder of ArtOfTesting, a software testing tutorial blog. He is a QA professional with a demonstrated history of working in the e-commerce, education, and technology domain. He is skilled in test automation, performance testing, big data, and CI-CD.

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