Stack Overflow Survey 2019: IT Trends on Programming Languages, Salary and Tools

Once again this year, operators of the Stack Overflow Internet platform carried out their large survey and unearthed interesting results. 88,883 software developers from 179 countries provided insights into their use of different programming languages, IDEs and other tools.

Stack Overflow has unveiled the results of what it claims are the world’s largest survey among developers. As the answers from the developers from Europe (36,073), North America (25,526), ​​Asia (18,273), South America (3,459), Africa (2,850), Australia (2,434) and other countries (268) show, Clojure is the highest paid programming language in the world.

What about the other languages?

Programming languages ​​international

Part of the survey is dedicated to the programming languages: Which languages ​​are popular, which pays well?

As in 2018 , Stackoverflow once again classifies JavaScript as the most widely used programming language worldwide, seven years in a row. 67.8 % of respondents said that they use JavaScript the most. In addition, HTML (63.5 %) and SQL (54.4 %) are set.

Popular and well-paid programming languages

However, when it comes to the most popular programming language, Rust (83.5 %) makes the race. Like Rust, Python is a repeat offender and climbs to second place, one rank higher than last year . This makes Python the fastest growing programming language. This is followed by TypeScript , 4th place last year and Kotlin in 2018, 2nd place in 2018.

well-paid programming languages

The interest in Python shows not only in the category most popular language, but also in the area of ​​the most wanted languages. Here, Python (25.7 %) takes first place for the third time in a row. Second place is occupied by JavaScript (17.8 %) followed by Go (15 %). On the other hand, there are rejections of Visual Basic for Applications (75.2 %) and Objective-C (68.7 %). They were chosen among the least popular languages. The unpopular means that the language is used, but the developers do not want to use it anymore .

As the survey also shows, respondents earning Clojure ($ 90,000), F # ($ 80,000) and Go ( $ 80,000) are earning the best. However, there seem to be regional differences. In the US, for example, Scala developers are among the top earners, with an average salary of $ 143,000 a year.

Salaries and minorities in the industry

Speaking of salary. Engineers ($ 95,000) and those who hold engineering positions earn the most. On the other hand, scientists and mobile developers earn the least money.

Salaries and minorities

Special attention has been paid to under-represented groups this year. The results show that women and non-binary gender identifiers have on average more experience than men. Almost 31 % of men between the ages of 5 and 9 have professional experience. For women, 34 % and non-binary gender identifiers have 32 % of the same experience period. Nevertheless, 90 percent of developers worldwide are male.

Tools and technologies

In the field of web frameworks, jQuery and React.js are the most frequently used. However, React.js and Vue.js are the most popular. The most widely used database is MySQL , with Linux being at the top of the platforms. Visual Studio Code is racing the development environments.

New to this is the topic area Blockchain . Despite the hype of the past few years, 80 percent of respondents said they did not use blockchain technologies in the business. Blockchain technologies are used, then without cryptocurrency (about 13 %) and in the form of products (4 %).

All the details about the Stack Overflow Survey 2019 are ready to be read .

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