React Native: Version 0.59 released with hooks

React hooks are now available for mobile app development. With the release of React Native 0.59, the hooks were implemented in the library for native app development. But that’s not all news.

React Native 0.59 is here. The new version of the library for native apps based on React brings along an official implementation of the React Hooks. The hooks were finalized in React 16.8 in February. Now they have also arrived in React Native.

Also, React Native 0.59 was working on JSC (JavaScript Core) for Android. According to the release notes, the version used so far was several years old and thus did not support many features of newer language versions. In terms of performance, the implementation for Android was clearly inferior to the current version for iOS. This can be change by revising the JSC implementation. The JSC framework comes with React Native 64-bit support for Android, supports modern JavaScript versions and should provide better performance. Work on JSC for Android should be continued in the future.

React Native 0.59: JSC for 64-bit Android and Lazy Loading

Another new feature designed to improve the performance of React Native 0.59 apps are the Inline Requires. Thus, the provision of resources is now demand-oriented, instead of making everything available when starting the app as before. This lazy loading behavior can be metro.config.js via metro.config.js . The React Native team asks for community feedback on the Inline Requires before the feature could be enabled by default in a later release of React Native.

There are also innovations on the React Native Core. As previously announced, the core of the library is slimmed down. The React Native team removes many components from the core, which will be further developed as separate packages in the future. This affects the React Native 0.59 release: AsyncStorage, ImageStore, MaskedViewIOS, NetInfo, Slider, and ViewPagerAndroid. The mentioned core components were marked as deprecated. The React Native team recommends that developers migrate to the appropriate new packages in a timely manner. An overview of the new names is the blog post release.

New features of the React Native CLI

The React Native CLI has also undergone a revision. The project has already been moved to a separate repository and is maintained there independently. As a result of this work, the current release will ship a version of the CLI that will provide better formatting for logs and faster execution of commands.

Further information on React Native 0.59 can be found in the blog post for the release of Ryan Turner (Core Maintainer & React Native Developer).

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