Python or JavaScript: What are developers asking for on Stack Overflow?

For many developers, the question Python or JavaScript is one the most famous topics in Stack Overflow. Now, a new report shows which languages ​​the interest is particularly large and how it has changed over time.

Those who write code and encounter a problem will most likely land on stack overflow. On the platform, developers from all disciplines ask and answer questions about programming languages, libraries and tools. The existing answers are used for reference, new questions are asked on the boards. 1.75 million of the questions put there carry the tag for JavaScript. This puts the language clearly in the lead. Java follows in second place with 1.5 million question tags, 1.28 million questions were asked for C # and 1.26 million for PHP. Python is ranked 5th in Global App Testing’s analysis of stack overflow data with 1.1 million tagged queries.

This result is hardly surprising, so the makers of the report comment on the numbers: Who works with the Internet, sooner or later has to deal with JavaScript. That is why, of course, many requests would be made.

JavaScript: The Queen of the Internet

However, the evaluation of the query terms per programming language is also interesting: jQuery is clearly in the lead, followed by technical terms such as array and string. The large framework world with Angular, Vue and React can not seem to keep up here. However, only the 1000 questions with the most upvotes per programming language were evaluated. A framework that has been around for a long time and has not changed much in recent years could be an advantage here. On the other hand, it would also be conceivable that most developers find it easier to work with Angular, Vue or React than with jQuery. That too would explain the data.

However, the report from Global App Testing also shows that today it’s no longer just about JavaScript: considering the distribution of topics among the newly asked questions over time, Python takes the lead this year. While the percentage of JavaScript-related questions has stagnated in recent years and has been falling significantly since 2018, Python’s share of questions is currently experiencing rapid growth. When JavaScript exceeded the 10 percent threshold in 2014, Python was down to just five percent. According to the report, both languages ​​are currently over 10 percent and Python just ahead of JavaScript.

Python: Machine Learning in the lead?

In the evaluation of the Python query terms shows that also in the language is mainly looking for tech terms such as string and List. These stand out even more clearly than the corresponding libraries for Python. Among these, Pandas is in the lead and thus a library for data science.

The increase in the number of questions to Python could therefore be due to the general trend for more machine learning. The makers of the report suspect that the increasing popularity of the language means a larger number of newcomers are working with it. Of course, JavaScript with 1.75 million questions already has a broader knowledge base available on Stack Overflow to help newbies to work with the language. This base for Python could be evolved in Python now.

The report can be viewed on the Global App Testing website.

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