On the way to Angular 9: Not only bug fixes in Angular 8.1

Although there is no specific information about Angular 9 yet, the work on the popular web framework continues, of course, despite the publication of Angular 8. As always, we stay on the ball and report continuously on the state of development of the framework. A first beta version for 8.1 has been released just a few days after the major, on board: a whole lot of bugfixes.

Angular 8, with polite delay, saw the light of day in June. But after the release is before the release and already in the autumn is Angular 9 on the plan, more precisely: in October or November, it should be ready. Whether this appointment is met, or Angular 9 is a gift from Nicholas? We will see. But until then it is still a long way and initially are the smaller releases, so Angular 8.1, 8.2, etc. into the house.

Angular 8.x: The minor releases

Angular 8.1.0-beta.0: Bug fixes and features planned

Update from 4 June 2019

On May 30, two days after the release of Angular 8, the first step was taken towards Angular 9. What is meant is that the first beta version of Angular 8.1 has been released, which already suggests a relatively large release: 30 bugs have been fixed to match the date. And that’s not all, because new features will also be included in the first minor release of the current release cycle – at least 6 in number.


One of the new features appeals especially to those developers who take care of the administration and have to make sure that everything is up-to-date: It will probably not be necessary to update flags with the file .bazelrc or the Toolchain related. Even platform flags for RBE builds and tests need to be updated from Angular 8.1 probably no longer extra. An exception, however, is when there are Braking Changes in Bazel that affect these flags. Instead, all you have to do is @bazel-toolchains the pin of the @bazel-toolchains repository in the packages/bazel/package.bzl file. rbe_autoconfig() way: If the rule rbe_autoconfig() in the repository @bazel_toolchains does not find a suitable toolchain configuration for the Bazel version, which is currently used by the respective project, it automatically pulls the appropriate container and generates the config at the beginning of the build or build . Testing.

Anyone using the SlicePipe transform methods can SlicePipe the new overloads that Angular 8.1 will SlicePipe . This should lead to the use of clearer types as always only any . However, this is accompanied by a Breaking Change, SlicePipe can be used from the update only with a number of values, a string, null or undefined .

Bug fixes

In terms of bug fixes there was apparently a lot to fix after the update. Exactly 30 fixes were made in the first beta version of Angular 8.1. The focus was on Bazel, for example, in which context correct parameters are passed on to the http_server under Windows. But also at the core one screwed. The CSS Sanitizer now allows the use of parentheses in file names, which was previously not possible. In addition, an awkward bug was fixed, which ensured that not all files were taken during a migration. As many as seven bugs were fixed during the migration of static queries, among others it failed with preset default values โ€‹โ€‹of parameters and did not output errors correctly.

  • bazel: allow ts_library interop with list-typed inputs ( # 30600 ) ( 3125376 )
  • bazel: Bump ibazel to 0.10.1 for windows fixes ( # 30196 ) ( 1353bf0 )
  • bazel: Directly spawn native Bazel binary ( # 30306 ) ( 2a0f497 )
  • bazel: Disable sandbox on Mac OS ( # 30460 ) ( b6b1aec )
  • bazel: Exclude common / upgrade * in metadata.tsconfig.json ( # 30133 ) ( 1f4c380 )
  • bazel: ng test should run specific ts_web_test_suite ( # 30526 ) ( e688e02 )
  • bazel: pass correct arguments to http_server in Windows ( # 30346 ) ( 3aff79c ), closes # 29785
  • bazel: update peerDep ranges ( # 30155 ) ( 4ae0ee8 )
  • bazel: Use existing npm / yarn lock files ( # 30438 ) ( ff29ccc )
  • compiler-cli: log ngcc skipping messages as debug instead of info ( # 30232 ) ( 60a8888 )
  • core: consistently use ng: /// for sourcemap URLs ( # 29826 ) ( 392473e )
  • core: CSS sanitizer now allows parens to file names ( # 30322 ) ( 728db88 )
  • core: fix interpolate identifier in AOT ( # 30243 ) ( 30d1f29 )
  • core: migrations not always migrating all files ( # 30269 ) ( 349935a )
  • core: remove deprecated TestBed.deprecatedOverrideProvider API ( # 30576 ) ( a96976e )
  • core: require ‘static’ flag on queries in typings ( # 30639 ) ( 84dd267 )
  • core: static-query migration errors not printed properly ( # 30458 ) ( 6ceb903 )
  • core: static-query migration fails with default parameter values โ€‹โ€‹( # 30269 ) ( 6357d4a )
  • core: static-query migration should gracefully exit if AOT compiler throws ( # 30269 )(509352f )
  • core: static-query migration should handle queries on accessors ( # 30327 ) ( 0ffdb48 )
  • core: static-query migration should not fallback to test strategy ( # 30458 ) ( 0cdf598 )
  • core: static-query migration should not be prompt if no queries are used ( # 30254 ) ( 4c12d74 )
  • core: static-query usage migration strategy should detect ambiguous query usage ( # 30215 ) ( 8d3365e )
  • core: temporarily remove @deprecated jsdoc tag for a TextBed.get overload ( # 30514 ) ( f6bf892 ), closes # 29290 # 29905
  • language service: Remove tsserverlibrary from rollup globals ( # 30123 ) ( 124e497 )
  • router: ensure history.state is set in eager update mode ( # 30154 ) ( b40f6f3 )
  • router: ensure navigation start with the current url value incase redirect is skipped ( # 30344 ) ( 0fd9d08 ), closes # 30340 # 30160
  • router: fix a problem with router not responding to back button ( # 30160 ) ( 3327bd8 )
  • router: IE 11 bug can break url unification when comparing objects ( # 30393 ) ( 197584d )
  • router: type cast correctly for IE 11 bug breaking URL Unification when comparing objects ( # 30464 ) ( 53f3564 )

All further information about the current beta version of Angular 8.1 can be found in the changelog on GitHub . There are also details about the new features and all bugfixes

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