Notion.js: New toolchain manager for JavaScript teamwork

Notion is a young project designed to facilitate the management of JavaScript toolchain, especially for teams. The used versions of Node, npm, Yarn and command-line tools for JavaScript want to centrally manage Notion. Currently, the tool is still in its infancy.

The JavaScript ecosystem is always on the move: in addition to big news like the final feature set for ECMAScript 2019 and the hooks for React , which have now been implemented, it’s the numerous small projects that shape the JavaScript world. A newly emerging tool in the JavaScript cosmos is Notion.js, which has tooling in its own right. The JavaScript toolchain manager Notion has been developed on GitHub since last summer and is currently in the pre-release phase. Most recently, version number 0.1.5 was released in December 2018.

The Notion website explains that the project is designed to enhance collaboration in teams working together on a JavaScript project. The toolchain manager can be used to ensure that all team members use the same versions of tooling in their development environment. Notion also works with a simple command-line interface similar to other tools. The tool is being developed in Rust itself.

Notion.js: Big goals & lots to do

As Dave Herman writes in the latest blog post for the development of Notion, is currently working on notion install . Here you make great progress. Also, they started working on hooks and dealt with the quality of the error messages and with the development of the website to the tool. However, a look at the to-do list also published shows that Notion is actually still in an early stage of development. So you have to work on the integration of Unix installation scripts, even the Windows Installer does not work yet.

Another item on the list of upcoming tasks that Herman has posted in the Notion blog post: Gather input. The Notion developer has published a Contribution Guide in the GitHub Repository of the project and explicitly states that the involvement of other developers is welcome. An installation guide is available on the Notion website.

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