Node.js 12.5: Shortened startup time with V8 snapshots

Node.js 12.5 is there, enabling the V8 snapshots by default. This should shorten the start time of Node applications. In addition, the update for the latest current release branch has a few new features in its luggage.

Node.js 12.5 should significantly reduce the start time for applications written with Node. For this purpose, the individual snapshots from V8, which had previously been integrated as an experimental feature, were activated by default. The V8 Snapshots feature is a feature that speeds set-up and initialization of built-in speech features in the JavaScript engine V8 in Chrome. For this purpose, prepared snapshot files are retrieved instead of freshly loading the corresponding features into the V8 heap.

Node.js 12.5 released

Also new in Node Update is that napi_define_* accessors are now ECMAScript compliant. The reporting was also working. While the CPU utilization reports used to be percentage-based, it did not take into account the number of CPU cores, so the actual CPU usage was only noticeable on a single core. This has now been changed. The corresponding information can be found in the report as of node 12.5. Another new release in the release concerns worker.terminate() , which is now returning a promise. The use of callbacks at this point has been marked as deprecated.

For more information about Node 12.5, see the release notes in the Node Blog.

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