Node.js 12.1.0: First update for new major version

Node.js 12 is one week old. Now the first update for the version is ready: a few updates were delivered with Node 12.1.

Node.js 12.1 is here. This is the first minor release for the new major version ready. The update is small: Only a few updates are listed in the Node blog as significant innovations. Below are two updates to the Unicode implementation ICU. First, it was upgraded to ICU version 64.2. This supports the new Japanese Emperor era, which begins on May 1 and alters the calendar in the Japanese calendar. On the other hand, ICU has received a bugfix in Node 12 that fixes a bug that under certain circumstances occurred in the context of newDate().toLocaleString().

Another innovation in the current version of Node concerns the C ++ API. Here was worked on the garbage collection and added a new overload for it. More information about the release of Node.js 12.1 can be found in the blog.

Node.js 12, Node 11, Node 6: LTS and end-of-life data

Node.js 12 will go into Long Term Support in October. For Node.js, only every other major release enters the LTS channel, as shown in the official Release Schedule . The support for the previous Current version Node 11 ends therefore already on 1 June 2019 and thus only shortly after the End of Life of Node 6, which was maintained until April 2019. The support for this version, originally from the year 2016, ends on May 1st. The LTS phase for Node versions lasts 2.5 years, so the now-released version 12 will receive updates until April 2022.

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