Node.js 10.16: Small update for LTS version

Node 11 will reach its end-of-life date in a matter of days. Node 10, however, is still actively maintained. Now with Node.js 10.16 there was another update for the LTS version, which brings some new features.

Node.js 10.16 is here. The new version brings updates for different Dependencys. Among them are npm 6.9.0, ICU 64.2, OpenSSL 1.1.1b and libuv 1.28. In addition, the data compression algorithm Brotli has been added to the zlib module. Node 10 follows the Brotli integration in Node 11.7 already in January.

For N API, the thread safe function was marked as stable. Information about the other new features can be found in the Blogpost release in the Node Blog.

Node 10 will receive feature updates until April 2020. Thereafter, the version goes into maintenance mode for a year, because it is an LTS version. In this phase, Node versions get only security fixes. By contrast, Node 11 will only receive updates by June 1 of this year and will reach its end-of-life in just a few days.

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