Next.js 8.4: News for build process, runtime and more

Next.js 8.4 is here and brings a surprising number of new features: Where other tools with this version number only implement bugfixes, Next.js has changes for the runtime, the build process and more to discover.

Next.js is a framework for server-side rendering with React. After a new major version was released in February with v8.0, the team behind the framework has again introduced a release in the official Next blog: Next.js 8.4. What sounds like a very small release, but still brings some innovations. This includes reducing the file size generated by Next.js at runtime. Among other things, the X-Powered-By header was removed, thus reducing the HTTP payload. In addition, withRouter does not need more hoist-non-react-statics . That too reduced the file size at runtime.

Next.js 8.4: What’s new in the framework

The build method of Next.js has currently been created additional settled and may thus believe a lot of on cached file versions. This primarily issues the minification of files that haven’t been modified since the previous build method. because of the a lot of settled approach, the chances are higher that a reusable version already exists within the cache. However, this feature isn’t mechanically out there to all or any users of Next.js. Implementation details will be found within the unleash notes within the Next.js blog.

In addition, Next.js 8.4 brings a new viewport meta tag for CSS media queries. Here you have found that many projects manually define a viewport. This step is now taken over by the framework. More information about these and other new features in Next.js 8.4 can be found in the Release Notes on GitHub.

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