NativeScript 6: Dark Theme, Angular 8 and more icons for all

NativeScript 6.0 is here and brings some changes to the cross-platform framework. These include support for Angular 8 and Android X. What else has happened with NativeScript?

With NativeScript 6.0, the next major release is available for the framework, which makes native mobile apps from web apps. The version brings support for AndroidX and Angular 8, and thus draws the same with the current releases of the source and target platforms. It also extends the scope of the NativeScript Core Theme and introduces a new beta-status tool designed to accelerate the delivery of new versions: NativeScript AppSync.

With NativeScript AppSync, according to the NativeScript 6.0 release news , it is possible to instantly update app versions on end-user devices. In addition to the immediate delivery option, the tool also includes a feature that enforces the end-user update so that developers can ensure that only the latest version is used. The feature is still in beta, so it’s not ready for production yet, but it can be tested.

NativeScript 6.0: Dark Theme and AndroidX

The Core Theme is now available in v2. Included is a dark mode, which includes all elements of the bright theme. Also, you do not need to define classes within the components for the Core Theme. Instead, it is enough to set up the theme once. After that, it is automatically applied to all components. Also relevant to the design of NativeScript apps is support for AndroidX, which is now available. This allows developers to integrate even the latest material design components from Google.

New additions to NativeScript 6.0 were also available in the tab view as well as the support for font icons, which were only limitedly usable in NativeScript. Now these can be used in all NativeScript components.

More about NativeScript 6.0 can be found in the blog post for release .

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