JavaScript Trends: Results of the Ionic Developer Survey

The Ionic Developer Survey 2018 highlights trends in cross-platform development. The survey surveyed over 10,000 members of the Ionic community about their use of hybrid apps and PWAs technologies.
Ionic has announced the results of the Ionic Developer Survey 2018. The frameworks Angular, React and Vue come in first. The trend towards the development of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is also confirmed.

Ionic Developer Survey 2018

Ionic is a JavaScript framework for the cross-platform development of mobile web applications. Web developers are encouraged to write hybrid webapps and PWAs for Android, iOS, and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), which can be rolled out through their respective app stores.

Traditionally Ionic is used together with the Angular framework. However, integrations with other frameworks are also planned: Vue support in Ionic currently has alpha status. React support is scheduled for the beginning of summer 2019.

Given this orientation, it is little wonder that dominated by Ionic users Angular. For example, 86% of respondents said they had worked extensively with Angular in 2018. React was used by 23% as intensive and Vue by 17% of the participants. In terms of mobile development, 83% said they had worked intensively with Ionic.

The cross-platform development is experiencing significant gains among Ionic users. Less and less Ionic users are using native tools. After 20% of the developers surveyed in the Ionic Developer Survey 2017 stated that they only use native tools, this value fell to 8% in the 2018 survey.

The majority (52%) of the survey participants work exclusively with cross-platform tools such as Ionic, React Native or Xamarin. Being able to use your code on multiple platforms has most often been identified as the most important factor in choosing a cross-platform development approach (30%).

Firebase in PWAs

A total of 61% of respondents said they had developed a Progressive Web App (PWA) last year or plan to do so for the new year (planned: 30%, already implemented: 31%). 78% of the participants direct the PWAs directly to consumers. 72% of the survey participants realize their PWAs as complete new developments, 28% described their PWAs as updates of existing applications.

Of the survey participants, 38% host their own PWA backends, 28% use Firebase. In third place is Amazon ECS with 19%. Firebase is also used by 66% of subscribers for their push notifications (Rank 2: OneSignal, 24%). Even with the more widely used database technologies, Firebase ranks second with 42%. MySQL tops the list with 59%, while MongoDB is third with 33%.

With 35%, Firebase is also the second most used hosting technology for the backend of developed apps, selfhosting is used at 40% and Amazon ECS was named by 19%. The question of intensively used user authentication services was answered by 44% with Firebase Auth, the second most frequently named Custom OAuth (32%).

The complete data including the questions as well as a blog post summarizing the results from the point of view of Ionic can be found online.

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