Ember JavaScript Framework: 3.8 is the new LTS release

Ember 3.8 replaces Ember 3.4 as a long-term support release and brings along two new features and five deprecations.

With version 3.8, the next long-term support release (LTS) of the JavaScript web framework Ember has been released. It will replace Ember 3.4 as such in about six weeks – from then on, the old version will no longer receive any bugfix patches. In addition to the usual bug fixes, the new release also includes a number of deprecations and two new features: an Element Modifier Manager and an Array Helper.

Ember 3.8: The new features in detail

The new Element Modifier Manager will probably have little relevance for most Ember developers. He should probably be relevant especially for add-on developers. Roughly speaking, a Modifier Manager is an object that is responsible for coordinating the lifecycle events that occur when you call, install, and update an Element Modifier. Developers should be able to administer the special modifiers provided by add-ons as subclasses. A post on GitHub provides more details.

In contrast, the new {{array}} helper is based on the functionality of the already known {{hash}} helper. It is called via {{array arg1 … argN}} and returns the value [arg1, …, argN] . For example, {{array ‘a’ ‘b’ ‘c’}} throws the value [‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’] . Here, too, the Ember team gathered further information on GitHub .

Five deprecations marked

In addition to the innovations, the Ember team has also marked five deprecations. So they will fall out of the framework in the next major release. According to this, Computed Properties should no longer be over writable in the future if no standard setter is defined. The .property () and .volatile () modifiers should also be dropped. Selbilges applies to the @ ember / object # alias Method method . In addition, setComponentManager no longer receives a string to associate the CustomComponent class with the Component Manager.

A complete list of changes can be found in the blog post about the release .

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