Angular 8 – Beta 13: Three bugfixes in the latest release

Angular 8 is still in beta. Shortly after Beta 12, the next update has been released: Angular 8 – Beta 13 fixes three bugs. One of them is relevant for anyone who wants to work with the current version of TypeScript.

The release cycle of Angular provides for a new major release every six months. That works better, but sometimes not so good. At Angular 7 the release came on time in October. Thus, Angular 8 would have to follow in April or May 2019. Until then, it continues first with minor releases of Angular 7 and then the beta versions of Angular 8.

Angular 8 – Beta 13

There were ten days between Beta 11 and Beta 12 for Angular 8, but only three between Beta 12 and 13: Shortly after the last release, Angular 8 – Beta 13 is already available for download. The beta release includes three bug fixes listed in the changelog . One of them again concerns Bazel. Here a bug has been fixed in the context of ng add : Packages will now be installed after an independent call to ng add. There was a bugfix for the compiler CLI that enhances TypeScript 3.4 support. The Config Path is now also passed to ts.parseJsonConfigFileContent , which is necessary for the new incremental build mode of TypeScript. The third bug fix concerns the router. loadChildren typings can also be used with non-NgFactory Promises with Beta 13. In addition, brings Angular 8.0.0-beta.13 but no innovations.

To read the previous updates from all the releases of angular please click on this link

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