Vuepress: A static page generator based on Vue.js

With Vuepress, the team behind Vue.js has introduced a static page generator based on the popular Javascript framework.

And again, a static website generator has been released to host Jekyll, Hugo, and others. After all, behind Vuepress with Evan You is the creator of the popular Javascript framework Vue.js, which also forms the basis here. Vuepress relies on a markdown-centric project structure and was originally designed to serve as the basis for the official Vue.js documentation.

Vuepress relies on Vue.js, Vue router and webpack. The default theme is responsive, has an optional homepage, a customizable navigation bar, and a simple search. In addition, Google Analytics is supported by default and the pages generated with Vuepress should not be a problem from an SEO point of view. However, there are still a few features missing that will later be redelivered. For example, the Vuepress team is working on a blogging feature and a drop-down menu for the navigation bar.

Vuepress: The most important links for getting started

Unlike Nuxt, Vuepress’s focus is less on creating web applications and more on presenting content on single-page sites. Vuepress is under the MIT license and the source code is available on Github. To get started, take a look at the extensive online documentation of the page generator.

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