Flutter: Google’s cross-platform mobile UI framework

Flutter leaves the beta phase and reaches the first preview version. This paves the way for version 1.0 of Google’s cross-platform mobile UI framework.

Flutter: Google’s cross-platform mobile UI framework

Flutter is leaving the beta phase and is now ready for the first preview. Until the release of version 1.0, Google wants to dedicate itself to the removal of bugs and the stabilization of the software development kit (SDK). Flutter is designed to accelerate the development of cross-platform mobile apps and consists of a C ++ written rendering engine for Android and iOS and a framework written in Google’s object-oriented programming language Dart. The Flutter SDK generates native iOS and Android apps from a common codebase and offers matching UI themes for both operating systems to make them look like native apps.

The Flutter team is now working with the release of the preview version mainly to improve the video package, the development of Firebase support and support for older iPad and iPhone variants. In addition, Google has published an experimental guide to integrating Flutter widgets into existing Android and iOS applications. If you want to flutter upgrade from the Flutter beta to the preview flutter upgrade 1, you can use the command line command flutter upgrade.

Use Flutter: Extension for Visual Studio Code and web-based UI tool

To make it easier for developers to work with Flutter , Google has redesigned the Flutter extension for Visual Studio Code . Among other things, it now allows users to run emulators directly from the open-source editor of Microsoft. Flutter Studio also has a community-developed web-based tool for creating user interfaces. The tool supports all Flutter widgets , providing an easy way to familiarize yourself with them.

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