Microsoft’s FaaS service Azure Functions: Now with Python support

Azure Functions has received support for Python: Microsoft’s FaaS service can host Python workloads for data science, machine learning, and more. So far, the programming language has only been experimentally supported.

Microsoft’s paid function-as-a-service (Faas) Azure Functions has been provided with support for Python 3.6: Applications written in it can thus be hosted in Azure Functions and run on the Functions 2.0 Runtime. Possible applications include data science, machine learning or automated resource management.

It is also possible to publish applications as code or Docker containers on a Linux-based serverless hosting platform in Azure. Azure Functions is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. Other supported languages in Runtime 2.0 include C #, F #, Java, and JavaScript.
Azure Functions and Visual Studio Code

For example, Visual Studio Code can be used as the code editor. In the blog post announcing Python support, the development opportunities were introduced using the preview version of the VS Code Extension for Azure Functions. This allows the code to be tested locally, breakpoints added or the call stack evaluated:

Microsoft's FaaS service

In conjunction with the Python Extension for Visual Studio Code, which is available in the Marketplace , further options can be used. These include autocomplete, IntelliSense, linting and debugging.

For more information about the new Python support in Azure Functions, visit the blog post on the Azure blog .

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