Ember 3.10: Tip brackets usable for other component types

With Ember 3.10 four new features have been created in Ember.js. Also for the CLI two new features are included in the release. Above all, work was carried out on expanding the application areas for angle braces.

Ember 3.10 is here. As always, the release includes new versions of Ember.js, Ember Data, and the Ember CLI, which are versioned together. For Ember Data nothing has changed: Ember 3.10 is only a re-release of v3.9.3. Ember.js got four new features. Two of them involve invocation syntax with angle brackets introduced as an alternative to curly braces. The pointed brackets can now also be used for nested components, as well as for three components that are delivered pre-fabricated with Ember.js. These are input , link-to and textarea , whose APIs have been adapted to the new syntax.

Ember 3.10: New features for Ember.js and Ember CLI

In Ember.js, RouteInfo now also contain metadata specific to the particular application. Another new feature of Ember.js is also one of the two new features of the CLI. Both components of Ember now support the use of native decorators. The second new feature for the CLI, on the other hand, is an obsolete feature: Support for Node 6 has been removed.

More information about Ember can be found in the official blog post about the version .

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