Earn free bitcoin and doge

Almost every person who have heard about Bitcoin knows about Bitcoin faucet. It’s a reward system based on website or app where users earn free Bitcoins by clicking on a captcha or to do some tasks. Of course when we say to earn free bitcoins we mean Satoshi without being absolute. On the other way there are some games where you can earn more than 0.2 Bitcoins.

Earn free Bitcoins – The rolling way

The rolling system of freebitco.in has one of the best reward system. For example if you click on Roll button and your lucky number is from 0 – 9885 then you will earn 0.00000054 BTC. The biggest lucky number is 10000 where you can earn 0.05945886 BTC. Well this is enough money if you mind that mining per hour gives you less more less. Your only duty is to login every one hour and click the roll button. To create an account is free. Just use an email, password and a bitcoin wallet where your earned bitcoins will be trasfered. In Referrer input you can use our link and put the number 17735519 or leave it blank.

Earn free Bitcoins – More ways

Another way except from the roll, is the HI-LO game. On freebitco.in you can play with the minimun and maximun amount or to do it x2 or /2. For instance if you bet 0.00000100 BTC and click on HI you will win 0.00000100 BTC in case your lucky number is higher than 5250. On the other hand if it is less you will lose 0.00000100 BTC. The same is for the LO button!

You will notice that there is the manual and the auto bet in the multiply game. Well, our suggestion is to use the manual game because it’s safer way and it is in your own risk. There is also the jackpot where you can earn 1BTC if you bring 8888 lucky number.

Another way is the lottery section. freebitco.in weekly lottery is a good chance to earn free bitcoins. Sow how it works? Every time you click on roll you win two tickets and automatically participate on weekly lottery. The first wins 0.25732750 BTC. The more tickets you have the highest chances you have. You can also buy some tickets that costs 2 Satoshi.

In conclusion, except from the freebitco.in where you earn free bitcoins there is another platform to win DOGEcoins. The freedoge.co.in is the same way as the bitcoin earning system we mentioned above.

So, what are you waiting for? Click and Win !!!

P.S For those who want to know about the technology behind these two platforms, both of them are based on Node.js. Also they use socket.io for realtime interaction!



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